Book of the Week: Galapagos – Preserving Darwin’s Legacy


editor & principal photographer Tui De Roy

Shelfmark: SA/

This book was published to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Charles Darwin Foundation and the Galápagos National Park.


Galapogas is an evocative and authoritative anthology of natural science essays to nurture the curious mind and stretch the imagination. Above all, it is a glorious celebration of what has been learnt about Darwin’s famed ‘natural laboratory of evolution’, and what it will take to preserve it.


Prologue: A world flagship of inspiration

Foreword: Galápagos research, a family tradition

The Galápagos National Park: Half a century dedicated to conservation

The Charles Darwin Foundation: History of a science and conservation vision

  1. Islands on the move: Significance of hotspot volcanoes
  2. Living water: Investigating an elusive element
  3. Paleoclimate and the future: A knife-edge balance
  4. Vertebrate diversity: The long view
  5. Lichen discoveries: Bright, bold color specks, tiny and overlooked
  6. Insular flora: More than ‘wretched-looking little weeds’
  7. Sunflower trees and giant cacti: vegetation changes over time
  8. On the snails’ trail: Evolution and speciation among a vanishing tribe
  9. Inshore fishes: The case of the missing damsel
  10. Shark migrations: Discovering the golden triangle
  11. Giant tortoises: mapping their genetic past and future
  12. Marine iguanas: Life on the edge
  13. Land iguanas: Emergence of a new species
  14. Darwin’s finches: studying evolution in action
  15. A most unusual hawk: One mother and several fathers
  16. Nazca booby behavior: Some evolutionary surprises
  17. The waved albatross: The family affairs of a critically endangered species
  18. Penguins on the equator: Hanging on by a thread
  19. The flightless cormorant: The evolution of female rule
  20. Sea lions and fur seals: Cold water species on the equator
  21. Parasites and pathogens: Threats to native birds
  22. Success in biological control: The scale and the ladybird
  23. Saving ‘lost’ plants: Finding and nurturing the survivors
  24. Reign of the giant tortoises: Repopulating ancestral islands
  25. Project Isabela: Ecosystem restoration through mega-eradication
  26. Reports from the front: Personal accounts from National Park field staff
  27. A perspective on people and the future: The search for harmony
  28. Reflections: ‘Noe reall Islands …,’ but Paradise

Friends of Galápagos around the world

Galápagos vertebrate checklist

Further reading


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