5 Twitter #hashtag top tips


find, search icon

  1. Click on a hashtag in a tweet to search for all tweets with that hashtag.


NoPunctuation2. Don’t use spaces or punctuation in your hashtags – it won’t work, your hashtag will be truncated.



3. If you want to use a multiple word hashtag you can use capital letters to make it easier to read (hashtags aren’t case sensitive)

company, conferance, group, social, team, users icon4. Tweeting from an event? Find out what the official event hashtag is and use it – more people will see your tweets and the event organisers will thank you for it.

logo5. Can’t get to an event? Find out what the event hashtag is and run a search on Twitter / your Twitter tool of choice (e.g. Hootesuite, Tweetdeck, etc.) – it’s not the same as actually being there, but you’ll be amazed how much you can get out of it!

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