Communicating your research – press releases

In our recent information needs survey, lots of you requested information on communicating your research outputs. Here’s some advice from the Journal of Applied Ecology on publicising and communicating your research articles with a press release.

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Over the last few years it has become increasingly important to communicate and publicise your research, not only to help direct your work to the relevant readers but also to raise your profile as a researcher.

One of the many ways you can disseminate your Journal of Applied Ecology article is by sending out a press release through your organisation. Here, we’ve put together some guidance if you’ve been wondering why and how to do this.

Why should I send out a press release?

Engaging with the media is an important part of communicating your research to non-academic audiences, and in particular the general public. The impact of scientific research is becoming more and more important for funding bodies and government so being able to demonstrate that your research is of far-reaching and widespread interest to society is invaluable.

Decision-makers and policymakers consider public opinion so it is important to…

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