Book of the Week: Fire in Mediterranean Ecosystems (Ecology, Evolution and Management)

9780521824910by Jon E. Keeley, William J. Bond, Ross A. Bradstock, Juli G. Pausas & Philip W. Rundel

Shelfmark: CR/MD/016

An in-depth text discussing the role, use and management of fire in ecosytems from the Mediterranean, California, Chile, the Cape Region of South Africa and Southern Australia. This book is an international collaboration between experts from the United States Geological Survey, the University of Cape Town, the University of Woolongong, the Spanish National Research Council and the University of California.



Exploring the role of fire in each of the five mediterranean-type ecosystems, this book offers a unique view of the evolution of fire-adapted traits and the role of fire in shaping Earth’s ecosystems. Analyzing these geographically separate but ecologically convergent ecosystems provides key tools for understanding fire regime diversity and its role in the assembly and evolutionary convergence of ecosystems.


Topics covered include regional patterns; the ecological role of wildfires; the evolution of species within those systems, and the ways in which societies have adapted to living in fire-prone environments. Outlining complex processes clearly and methodically, the discussion challenges the belief that climate and soils alone can explain the global distribution and assembly of plant communities.


An ideal research tool for graduates, researchers and fire managers, this study provides valuable insights into the requirements for regionally tailored approaches to fire management across the globe.


Section I Introduction

Mediterranean-type Climate Ecosystems and Fire
Fire and the Fire Regime Framework
Fire-related Plant Traits

Section II Regional Patterns

Fire in the Mediterranean Basin
Fire in California
Fire in Chile
Fire in the Cape Region of South Africa
Fire in Southern Australia

Section III Comparative Ecology, Evolution and Management

Fire-adaptive Trait Evolution
Fire and the Origins of Mediterranean-type Vegetation
Plant Diversity and Fire
Alien Species and Fire
Fire Management of Mediterranean Landscapes
Climate, Fire and Geology in the Convergence of Mediterranean-type Climate Ecosystems


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