by Clive Hambler and Susan M. Canney

2nd edition

Shelfmark: CP/AA/015i

This is a recent textbook on the subject of biodiversity conservation. Key points at the end of chapters condense many details into valuable take-home messages. Includes material from original research and fieldwork, giving both beginners and experts a fresh set of examples, ideas and perspectives.


The importance of conservation is growing each year, with increasing concerns over the destruction of biodiversity and the rising awareness of ecosystem services generating new debates on the human-nature relationship. This compact overview integrates the process, theory and practice of conservation for a broad readership, from non-specialists to students and practitioners. Taking a global perspective, it uses examples from around the world to illustrate general themes and show how problems arise from the impact of societal trends on ecological communities. A significant practical component will be particularly valuable for environmental professionals, outlining the requirements for rigorous surveys, biodiversity valuation, the assessment of impact and its mitigation. Thoroughly revised and updated, this second edition reflects trends towards embracing multiple disciplines, considering the links between ecology and the social sciences and bringing conservation to the heart of sustainability and environmental policy.

Table of Contents

Preface to the second edition

1. Introduction to conservation
2. Threats to biodiversity
3. Evaluation of priorities for species and habitats
4. Monitoring, indicators and impact assessment
5. Management of natural and fragmented habitats
6. Management of species
7. Sustainable use, semi-natural cultural landscapes, and the matrix
8. Restoration and offsetting
9. Environmental policy

Index to species names


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