Ecosystem-based management for the oceans

imagesedited by Karen McLeod and Heather Leslie

This book is a seamless compilation of articles, figures and images, contributed by experts in the field.  Individual chapters cover the theory and practice of Ecosystem-based management (EBM) together with a number of case studies from coastal and marine areas of North and South America. The final chapters and consider the way forward for this approach.

Shelfmark: HA/MA/011

From the foreword:

While there has been a growing awareness of the need for more holistic and integrated marine management practices in recent years (witness the Pew Oceans Commission on Ocean Policy , and the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment), there have been few specific guidelines for best practices. Drawing upon the expertise of more than forty of the world’s experts in this area, this book synthesizes the science relevant to EBM to inform both policy and practice.


Foreword: Lessons from the Ice Bear
Preface: A Puget Sound Story

PART I Setting the Stage

Chapter 1. Why Ecosystem-Based Management
Chapter 2. What Do Managers Need?

PART II Conceptual Basis for Ecosystem-Based Management

Chapter 3. The Oceans as Peopled Seascapes
Chapter 4. Resilience Science
Chapter 5. Ecological Cross-Scale Interactions
Chapter 6. Valuing Ecosystem Services

PART III Connecting Concepts to Practice

Chapter 7. Monitoring and Evaluation
Chapter 8. Ecosystem Service Trade-offs
Chapter 9. Integrating Local and Traditional Ecological Knowledge
Chapter 10. Building the Legal and Institutional Framework

PART IV Marine Ecosystem-Based Management in Practice

Chapter 11. Morro Bay, California, USA
Chapter 12. Puget Sound, Washington, USA
Chapter 13. Gulf of California, Mexico
Chapter 14. Eastern Scotian Shelf, Canada
Chapter 15. Chesapeake Bay, USA
Chapter 16. Lessons from National-Level Implementation Across the World
Chapter 17. State of Practice

PART V Looking Ahead

Chapter 18. Toward a New Ethic for the Oceans
Chapter 19. Ways Forward

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