Hunting in Turkey

downloadby Ali H. Üstay

Ali H. Üstay, who has been described as both a keen hunter and conservationist, wrote this book from a keen hunter’s perspective. The history of game hunting in Turkey is covered in detail, combining historical information with numerous dramatic photographs of the fauna, flora and habitats of Turkey. Also included are striking traditional photographs of hunters with their prey.

Shelfmark: EU/TR/006


From the preface:

The rapid pace of industrial and economic development in Turkey from the 1960s onward has created serious problems for the country’s fauna. Highway networks have made formerly inaccessible areas easy to reach. The drainage of vast swamps and marshes and the building of housing and industrial projects in the habitats of both local and migratory game have become a threat to wildlife.

Such changes were bound to come, but steps have to be taken to recover and remedy the losses. At present the country is becoming more and more conscious of these problems and their effects.  Laws have been introduced and are being enforced to preserve wildlife; game reserves have been established to offer the hunter, both local and from abroad, new sporting adventures.



The hunting traditions of the Turks
Game map of Turkey and hunting regulations
A guide to Turkey’s big game
A guide to Turkey’s small game and waterfowl
Bib game hunting in Turkey
Turkey’s major big game species
– Red Deer
– Fallow Deer
– Roe Deer
– Bezoar Goat
– Asian Chamois
– Wild Sheep
– Goitered Gazelle
– Wild Boar
– Asian Brown Bear
– Asian Wolf
Turkey’s extinct and scarce big game
Small game
Hunts of yesteryear
Tales From Turkey’s hunting lore
Turkey’s first hunting museum
The author

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