Environment Funding Guide

41gxwx93fml-_sx340_bo1204203200_by Denise Lillya

Shelfmark: RE/FU/007iii

A comprehensive handbook on how to raise funds for environmental groups and projects. This 2010 edition is predominantly concerned with the raising of funds from UK sources. However, there is one chapter on raising money from Europe to be read now in the context Brexit.


This fully revised and updated fourth edition provides invaluable and practical information on sources of funding for environmental groups. Comprehensive and accessible, the Environment Funding Guide is an essential tool for anyone looking to raise money for environmental causes.

This book offers helpful guidance on:

  • fundraising strategy for environmental projects
  • preparing a fundraising budget
  • writing a good application
  • the Big Lottery Fund
  • landfill tax credit schemes.

It highlights funding opportunities from grant-making charities and companies, as well as form statutory sources at local, government and European levels.


Chapter 1. Getting started with fundraising

Chapter 2. Developing a fundraising strategy

Chapter 3. The fundraiser

Chapter 4. How much do we need?

Chapter 5. Fundraising for projects

Chapter 6. Preparing and writing a good application

Chapter 7. Raising support from the public

Chapter 8. Raising money from grant-making charities

Chapter 9. Raising money from the National Lottery

Chapter 10. The Landfill Communities Fund

Chapter 11. Winning company support

Chapter 12. Raising money from local authorities

Chapter 13. Raising money from government

Chapter 14. Raising money from Europe

Chapter 15. Fundraising for environmental campaigns

Chapter 16. Environmental organisations and charitable status

Chapter 17. Tax and tax benefits

Useful contacts and sources of information

Alphabetical index of funders

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