Illustrated Identification Guide to Insects Protected by the CITES and Wildlife Conservation Law of Taiwan, R.O.C.

10534420691by Shen-Horn Yen and Ping-Shih Yang

Shelfmark: AS/TW/17

This guide was translated into English as a way to disseminate knowledge and widen awareness of the conservation needs of the insects of Taiwan.  The book has two main sections: insects protected under CITES and insects protected by Taiwan’s domestic Wildlife Conservation Law. Each species is fully illustrated, with a textual description providing its Chinese and English names, characteristics, distribution, habitat and ecology, threats and conservation status.

From the introduction [sic]:

Taiwan is rich in insect life and has been well-known as the “Kingdom of Butterflies” by its abundant and diverse insect resources since the late 19th century. Historically, the insect fauna of Taiwan has attracted attentions from both scientists and insect traders around the world since that era.  In the early 20th century, the insect trading and insect collecting had ever greatly contributed to the supplementary economic sources for agricultural population in Taiwan, nevertheless, overuse and unlimited consuming of natural resource in accompany with large-scales habitat alteration after the 1950s have caused rapid decline of numerous insect species. Over the current decades, changes in natural environments and fatal commercial collecting have led even more steady decline in the number of Taiwan’s insect species and in their populations.

According to the present knowledge, since the 19th century, at least  5 species of Taiwanese butterflies and un-calculated species of other groups have become extinct. Among the threatened insects, aquatic (freshwater and marine) and those inhabiting in mangrove forests, lowland forests and medium elevation mountains are the most endangered by habitat loss, commercial collection and some immoral scientific collecting.


Authors’ Foreword
Format of Text Part [How to use this book]
Morphological Terms Used in the Book

International Part

Parnassius, Bhutanitis, Teinopalpus, Papilio, Ornithoptera, Trogonopptera, Troides, Colophon

Domestic Part

Troides, Atrophaneura, Agehana, Sasakia, Anotogaster, Formotosena, Pyrops, Cypriacis, Campsosternus, Cheirotonus, Dorcus, Aeolosthes, Carabus, Phyllophornina, Megacrania


Appendix 1. Checklist of Protected Insects by the CITES and Wildlife Conservation Law (WCL) in Taiwan

Appendix 2. Wildlife Conservation Law

Appendix 3. Import and export agreement application form for live wild animals and products of protected species in Taiwan

Appendix 4. Application form for academic and educational utilization of protected wild animals

Appendix 5. Institutions relevant to insect identification and consultation in Taiwan

Index to Scientific Names
Index to English Common Names
Index to Chinese Names
Index to Source of Images

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