Chagra ‘2000: Ukrainian project of conservation and studying chalk grasslands

Preliminary Report


project led by Tatiana A. Atemasova

The publishing of the Chagra ‘2000 report began the process of creating the Dvourechnaya National Park in the Karkiv region of Ukraine.  This was a collaboration between BirdLife International, BP and Fauna and Flora International.

The text of the Chagra ‘2000 final report can be found online at

The full Chagra ‘2010 report, including photographs, can be found online at

Shelfmark: HA/GR/014a(box)

From the summary:


Chalk grasslands of North-eastern and Eastern Ukraine with numerous endangered and rare plant & bird species were in the spotlight of the project CHAGRA’2000, Ukrainian project of conservation and studying chalk grasslands. The level of rarity of plant species and their ecological preferences were under primary consideration together with trying to identify main conservation needs and to raise public concern for the habitats.


Special investigations in more than 20 sites in 7 river valleys enabled to clarify the conservation status and the level of vulnerability of 12 plant species listed in 1997 IUCN Red List of Threatened Plants. For the first time reliable information on abundance and habitat requirements of these species was gathered when assessing plant community structure along slope profiles.  Tawny Pipit ecology and role it plays in bird communities of chalk grasslands were studied as well. Despite discouraging results of searches of such rare birds of prey as Lesser Kestrel and Pallid Harrier, promising success was achieved under the activity of studying vulnerable Great Owl. More than 30 breeding pairs of the species were found and main factors of threat were identified.




Fieldwork methodology

Vegetation studies

Bird surveys

Tawny Pipit
Birds of prey and owls

Conservation education

Fieldwork results

Plant surveys

Silene cretacea
Schivereckia podolica
Syrenia talijevii
Androsace koso-polijanskii
Genista tanaitica
Hedysarum ucrainicum
Linaria cretacea
Scrophularia cretacea
Hyssopus cretaceus
Artemisia hololeuca
Elytrigia stipifolius
Festuca cretacea

Bird surveys

Tawny Pipit (Anthus campestris) in chalk grassland habitats: factors impacting distribution and numbers
Searches of Lesser Kestrel and Pallid Harrier
Eagle Owl inventory

Factors of threat

Rare plant species status, abundance and ecological preferences
Tawny Pipit (Anthus campestris) in chalk grassland habitats
Lesser Kestrel, Pallid Harrier and other raptor species
Eagle Owl

Conservation education & public awareness

Logistics and administration notes





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