On a wing and a prayer

One woman’s adventure into the heart of the rainforest

513ipRlHVAL._SX313_BO1,204,203,200_by Sarah Woods

Shelfmark: CP/BO/017

In this memoir Sarah gives an account covering over ten years, from 1999 to 2010, travelling and trekking solo in the rainforests of Latin America.  This is one of the books in our collection that, as well as being useful for reference, can just be picked up and read as an enjoyable (and true!) story.


As a young child, Sarah Woods imagined going on epic voyages to exotic, illusory lands filled with bizarre creatures, intoxicating rhythms, vibrant colours and other-worldly forests. As soon as she was old enough she packed a bag and set off to see the world for real, leaving friends and family behind to fulfil her childhood dreams.


To journey solo through Central and South America was perhaps the ultimate challenge. Leaving the tourist traps behind, Sarah ventured into the wilderness, experiencing disease-ridden swamps, shark-infested waters and dense tracts of primary rainforest that are home to jaguars, anacondas and tusk-gnashing peccaries.


One animal, though, is truly emblematic of these forests – the awe-inspiring harpy eagle. But to see it you have to be prepared for serious hardship…


Facing gruelling, energy-sapping jungle conditions and constant challenges that saw her question the deepest and most intimate aspects of her life, Sarah’s intrepid travels on the trail of iconic wildlife took her through some of the toughest terrain imaginable, and led to encounters with extraordinary indigenous people of the forest, with whom she experienced kindnesses and cultures beyond her wildest dreams.


This book tells the incredible story of one woman’s adventure into the heart of the rainforest.


Jungles in the City – Panama, 1999-2005
Eyeballing an Eden – Panama, 2004-2006
Meeting the Wounaan – Panama, 2008
Mangroves and the Moonchild – Panama, 2008
Shapes and Stones – Colombia, 2007-2010
Fish Man and the Floods – The Amazon (Colombia, Brazil and Peru) and Costa Rica, 2006, 2010
Jailbirds and Whales – Panama, 2003
Otters, Flamingos and Jackboots – Colombia, Venezuela and Paname, 2007-2010
Blood, Sweat and Tears – Panama, 2010

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