Getting information to come to you: keeping up to date with search alerts and more

Part of the Information Skills Training Programme from the A.G. Leventis Library & Information Service.


Whether you’re interested in scientific research, wildlife crime incidents or the latest financial news, keeping up to date can sometimes seem like a full time job! If you sign up for every newsletter and alert that looks useful your inbox is flooded, but you need a way to keep up with new developments and news.

So, how can you keep up to date with the most important information for your role without becoming overwhelmed? Come to this session to find out how to set up specific tailored alerts so that any new information comes straight to your inbox. There will be ideas on workflows so that you can embed keeping up to date into your workflow, as well as ways of organising incoming alerts so they don’t fill up your inbox.

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Where: Gecko meeting room, David Attenborough Building

When: Wednesday 12th July, 3.15-3.45pm

Format: Seminar


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