Islands Beyond the Horizon

The Life of Twenty of the World’s Most Remote Places

196759by Roger Lovegrove

Shelfmark: HA/IS/009

Roger Lovegrove is a wildlife conservationist, author and broadcaster. He was the Director of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds in Wales for 27 years.

Roger’s main area of interest has been British wildlife but in this book he describes islands from across the globe he has visited over the years. Each chapter stands alone being dedicated to a single island in detail. This makes Islands Beyond the Horizon an ideal book to dip into.

Other books by Roger Lovegrove include Birds of Wales, The Red Kite’s Tale, and Silent Fields.


Islands have an irresistible attraction and an enduring appeal. The naturalist Roger Lovegrove has visited many of the most remote islands in the world, and in this book he takes the reader to twenty that fascinate him the most. Each is distinctive. The character they share is their isolation, demonstrated by their inaccessibility, either such as ice-locked Wrangel, storm-bound South Georgia, or wind-swept, wave-lashed Mykines or St Kilda.


Lovegrove explores the wildlife of these remarkable islands. He looks too at their human communities, reflecting on the solitude and harshness of island life and the often detrimental impact human settlements have had upon the wildlife of some of the islands.


By emphasizing their individuality, as well as their physical limitations, Lovegrove in turn demonstrates their fragile vulnerability. By sharing the character and wildlife of each island, he instills and awareness of our impact upon the world around us. Illustrated with photographs from the author’s own collection, among others, this is a richly detailed and atmospheric account of each island, its diverse wildlife, its human history, and the desperate efforts of conservationists to retain these irreplaceable communities.


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