Self-issue machine

To borrow a book:

  1. Click Issue on the touch screen
  2. Scan the barcode on your library card (this may also be your building access / university card)
  3. Place the book(s) in the black box
  4. Check that all your books have appeared in the list highlighted green (if highlighted red there is a problem with your account or the book – please speak to Lizzie or a library volunteer)

This machine is also used to return books. To do this just click Return and place the books in the black box.

Borrowing limits

Maximum items: 20

Loan period: 8 weeks (books)* or 1 week (journal issues)

Renewals: Unlimited (books) or 7 (journal issues)

*You must be able return the item within 1 week should someone else request it. If you are going away and wish to take a book with you speak to the library manager.


To renew your books:

  1. Go to the library catalogue
  2. Log in to your account using the code under the barcode on your card
  3. Click on your name in the Account information box and follow the instructions to renew your loans

Requests / Recalls

Due to the workplace nature of the library and it’s users, there is no formal recall process. If you would like to use a book that is recorded as On loan contact Lizzie. You will be put in touch with person who has the book to arrange access between you.