Library catalogue

Where can I find the library catalogue?

What is the library catalogue?

The library catalogue is a database of the books and reports in the Leventis Library, along with selected freely available e-resources.

Is everything in the library in the catalogue?

Not quite. Everything shelved with the books and reports is in the catalogue, but journals and magazines aren’t there yet. At the moment you need to either check the shelves or contact us to find out if we have a particular journal/magazine issue.

What about e-journals and online reports?

We’ve started adding online resources which are particularly relevant to CCI to the catalogue, but there’s still a lot of useful online resources you won’t find in the catalogue. For journal articles try Cambridge University’s discovery system – iDiscover – and for other online resources see our guide to Finding Grey Literature.

How do I search?

If you can’t see the search box, click the Enter Library button.

I’ve found something I want in the catalogue, now how do I get it?

First check to see whether it is in the library. Look for the location bar – in an orange box below.


If the status is Available, it is in the library and available for you to borrow. If the status is On loan, someone else has already borrowed it. You can Reserve a book that is on loan – see below. If the status is anything else (unlikely!), contact the library for more information.


If the item is available, you then need to check the Location and the Shelfmark. The locations are:

  • Leventis Library (Books) – Shelved in one of the sections on your left as you come into the library
  • Leventis Library (Reports) – Shelved in one of the sections on your left as you come into the library, but in a magazine box at the end of its section
  • Leventis Library (OVERSIZE books) – Shelved on the bookcase on the opposite wall of the library to the doors and closest to the printer
  • Leventis Library (Audio & Audio-visual) – Part of the CD / DVD collection shelved above the oversize books
  • BirdLife Satellite Collection – Owned by BirdLife International and stored in the BirdLife International office. Please contact BirdLife to access these resources.
Interpreting the Shelfmark

shelf-markThere will be three parts the the shelfmark, each separated by a /.

The first part tells you which section to look in, the second part gives you the category within that section and the third part is a running number telling you where in the category the item is.

sectionsThe sections are grouped into Reference (just one section), Topics, Regions and Taxa. The table opposite shows you the order you will find them in the library along with the corresponding signage colour.


Once you’ve located the section (the first part of the shelfmark) on the library shelves, you need to look for the second part – the category. The categories are organised alphabetically within their section. Each section has two parts: the books – i.e. anything that will stand up on a shelf without falling over – and the boxed items (a.k.a. reports) – anything “floppy” that needs extra support on the shelf. All boxed items have (box) at the end of their shelfmark.

The sequence is RE –> RE (box) –> CI –> CI (box) –> CP –> CP (box) –> HA –> HA (box) –> etc.

Then, once you’ve found the books or box for the correct section and category, it’s simply a case of finding the right number. There are numbers missing for some categories, so don’t be surprised by a big gap in the numbers.

Why is my search bringing up results that don’t match my search terms?

The database is looking for the words you have given it in all the fields of the record – including publisher, language, notes, etc.

If you are looking for a particular title use the advanced search to specify which field(s) to search in, e.g. title.

If you want to search for a phrase, use quotation marks. For example, ecosystem services, will return any item with the word ecosystem and the word services in the record – even if the two words are in separate fields – while “ecosystem services” will only return items with the exact phrase ecosystem services.

Why isn’t my search finding something I expect to be there?

Is what you are looking for a journal or journal article? We don’t yet have journal titles in the catalogue (see above) and we don’t include journal articles in our catalogue. There are various other places you can search for journal articles, such as iDiscover  and Google Scholar

Our catalogue is fussier than Google. It will only search for exact matches for the words you enter. For example a search for fish will not return records with the word fishes or fisheries. You can search for all these words simultaneously using an asterisk – fish* will search for any word starting with fish. A search for *fish will return words ending in fish, and *fish* will search for any word with fish at the beginning, in the middle or at the end.

We might not have it! If there is a book you think should be in the library and we don’t have it please let us know.

Can I renew my loans online?

Yes. Log in to your library account using your reader code. Your reader code is the code under the barcode on your library card – contact the library if you do not know it. The log in is in the right sidebar of the catalogue.


Once logged in, click on the number next to Loans and follow the instructions.