Library plan


The books and reports in the library are split into 4 main sections sections:

  • Reference (brown)
  • Topics (blue)
  • Regions (green)
  • Taxa (orange)

If you have the shelfmark for a book you can look up which section it is in with the table below.

AF Africa Regions
AS Asia Regions
AU Australasia Regions
BI Birds Taxa
BL Biological Sciences Topics
CA Caribbean Regions
CI Conservation Issues Topics
CP Conservation Practice Topics
CR Cross-continent regions Regions
EU Europe Regions
FI Fish Taxa
HA Habitats Topics
HE Herpetiles Taxa
IN Invertebrates Taxa
MA Middle America Regions
ME Middle East Regions
MM Mammals Taxa
NA North America Regions
NP Nature & People Topics
PA Pacific Regions
PL Plants Taxa
RE Reference Reference
SA South America Regions
WI Wildlife Taxa