Recreational Reads


The Recreational Reads Collection uncovers the conservation stories, memoirs and popular science books hiding on the library’s shelves.


The collection came about because people were asking if we had anything they could read ‘for fun’ and non-conservation / science staff (e.g. receptionists, accountants, IT professionals) seeking something interesting to increase their knowledge of topics related to conservation. We do have books like this, as they often contain or collate information that is useful to our researchers, but they’re shelved by topic, not together as a collection. Our solution? The Recreational Reads Collection!


Browse the entire collection in our online catalogue.


Borrowing for the Recreational Reads Collection is the same as for all books in the library. You can borrow up to 20 items for 8 weeks and renew them as long as you’re still reading / using them. For more instructions on borrowing see Borrowing.

Happy reading!

Extras for summer 2017

IMG_20170713_144522035A selection of the best of the collection will be on display on the trolley in the library until the end of July.

One element of the launch event has proved very popular – our book tree. Share what you’re reading and help us fill up the branches by the end of the summer! We’ll be keeping the tree up until September.